Cigar Pencil Kit
(Big Samoan Pencil Kit)

The Big Samoan Pencil Kit (a.k.a., Cigar Pencil Kit) creates a hefty pencil that has an excellent feel. Both the diameter, weight and balance are exceptional. All external components are Gold, Chrome or Gun Metal coated providing years of durable and dependable service. The .07MM lead extends with a turn of the wrist.

Available with genuine Schmidt® Pencil and Mechanism.

0303 Cigar Pencil Kit (Big Samoan)

Genuine Schmidt® Mechanism List Price $11.25

Buy 10 at $10.49  ||  Buy 20 at $9.49
Buy 50 at $8.49  ||  Buy 100 at $7.75



Requires a 10mm or 25/64 drill bit.

Additional Discounts Not Applicable

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